NASSSA Students Facilitate Attendance Consultation Forum


On behalf of the Department for Education, the Youth Advisory Council of SA (YACSA) recently trained a number of NASSSA students so they could facilitate at tables during an attendance consultation. The consultation was held at Twelve25 at Salisbury.

2019-09-11-10.10.43-2.jpg#asset:2277Students from across 9 NASSSA schools, worked solidly to discuss issues which may cause problems for attending school, and made suggestions in overcoming these obstacles. 2019-09-11-10.08.35-2.jpg#asset:2276Results from the day will be put into an "infographic" and shared with the schools so they can respond to student suggestions.2019-09-11-12.25.27.jpg#asset:2279Presenters were delighted with the thoughtful maturity of the students and look forward to be able to work with them in future.2019-09-11-12.25.03-2.jpg#asset:2278