Week 2: Design Thinking - 01 Aug 16

WOW! What an action packed two hour session we had with Megan Short today. I think that we can all agree that the Human Centred Design “Taster” that Megan took us through really helped us to build a detailed understanding of the problems we identified, and empathise with our “Primary Users” through the empathy map. All of you are at different points in the process, but in order for next week’s session with the business mentor to work, you will need to complete the tasks outlined under "Rob's Link" below.

Week 2 NASSSA Design Thinking Workshop - Teachers Notes

Week 2 Rob's Link

Please download, print and sign the relevant Talent Release Form and bring to next Mondays session:

Student release form

Teacher (adult) release form

Other links:

1. Business Model Development


2. Customer Development


Please provide some feedback for Tom Trewartha on his Team Building Activities at NVI last week by completing the survey on the link below: