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Pitching Process


At the culmination of the program a Presentation Night is held where you will be expected to do a pitch presentation. To help with your presentation and to facilitate the judging you will need to provide 4 documents prior to presentation night: 

•      MC Introduction—this will give the Judging Panel context for your presentation.

•      Company profile— please ensure that this is no longer than 1 page

•      Completed business model Canvas

•      Slide deck—we recommend that the maximum number of slides is 6

It is important that these documents are completed and returned promptly so that they can be distributed to the Judging Panel.

The format for the evening will be:

5 minute Pitch & 5 minute Q&A with a 1 minute changeover.

Judging Template

Pitch Presentation Masterclass

Judging Panel

You will be pitching to a 4-5 person Judging Panel which will consist of New Venture Institute staff member, course co-ordinator, relevant outside experts.


Judging Criteria

The judging panel will score on: Business Model Validation

1.                 Differentiation/Value Proposition

2.                 Customer Acquisition and Rollout Strategy

3.                 Revenue Model

4.                 Customer Interviews

Product execution

5.                 Is the idea/team ready for capital and execution?

6.                 MVP/Feature set

7.                 Prototype Built/Demo

8.                 Actual customers, revenue or users

9.                 Work done in Venture Dorm period