Enable students to flourish in their learning


  • Establish wellbeing and mindfulness through positive education practices
  • Strengthen partnerships with local support agencies
  • Deepen connections with local and global communities for students

Planned Actions

  1. Further develop student voice within NASSSA to allow students to flourish
  2. Engage in regional programs
  3. Explore global connections (overseas excursions, participate in online learning communities,
  4. Adopt and implement pedagogies that allow students to flourish, encouraging skill development in resilience and mindfulness
  5. Establish community liaison links in schools eg Families SA staff member based in school


Planned Actions will take place over the life of the NASSSA Strategic Plan 2018-2020.

Expected Outcomes & Targets 

(to be further developed in Operational Plan)

  1. Establish benchmark data and measure regularly using tools such as:
    • EPOCH
    • Middle Years Development Index (MYDI)
    • SAMHRI measures
  2. Improvement in academic results
    • PAT-R and PAT-M
    • SACE Completion
    • NAPLAN
Wellbeing Diagram