1. Build and maintain a positive self concept 
  2. Interact positively and effectively with others
  3. Change and grow throughout life

Some helpful links

The Adventures of You http://myfuture.edu.au/tools-and-resources/learning-tools-for-secondary-students/the-adventures-of-you Adventures Of You Employability Skill summary /uploads/employabilityskills1_3.pdf Embrace the Future http://www.embracethefuture.org.au/kids/index.htm Embrace The Future A website especially for young people to help them learn about how to be more resilient...that means being happier, stronger and more confident. It talks about being able to 'bounce-back' after something goes wrong, or being able to keep going when life gets tough. Make Your Mark http://www.makeyourmark.edu.au Make Your Mark Inverted How will you make your mark on the world? Discover your future and live the kind of life you want through further education. Further Education is for everyone. Every one of you will take a different path towards achieving what you want in life. Watch and read other people's experiences to find out how they are using further education to make their mark. PERMA+ http://www.wellbeingandresilience.com Sahmri Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment PLUS, Physical Activity, Nutrition, Sleep and Optimism, builds resilience in people, to support the “bounce back” from adversity that everybody needs to cope with normal life.